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Whether you’ve heard of it or not, WeChat is an app that is dominating the world of social media – and the digital world at large. Beginning as a simple messaging app in China, where Facebook and similar apps are banned, WeChat is now known as China’s ‘everything app’. Users can do anything on WeChat, from calls and video chats to playing gamesbooking appointments and paying for goods instore or online  

Don’t get left behind! Read on to find out why your business should be using WeChat advertising in your social media campaigns. 

You’re Missing Out On a Huge Audience

WeChat is China’s most popular social media platform, and the fifth most used platform worldwide. With almost 1 billion users, it’s a huge audience that continues to grow at an extremely fast rate. Advertising on this platform means your business is tapping into a huge market that’s equally as large as Facebook. WeChat is popular in places where Facebook’s numbers are low, which means that people tend to be using either one platform or the other – not both. And iyour business isn’t advertising on WeChat, there’s a group of almost a billion users that are entirely missing out on what you have to say.  

It’s Central to Chinese Mobile Communication

We can’t stress this enough: WeChat is a huge part of daily life in China. Because of this, more businesses are opening WeChat accounts so that they can connect directly with their consumers. Not only that, more people are choosing to pay for items and book services through the app.  

If your business is trying to tap into a Chinese market, this is the first place to start. WeChat is the most popular social media app to be written in Chinese, and it offers its users a huge range of both personal and commercial features that make it a complete necessity for daily life.  

The Ability To Get More Out Of Your Potential Customers

Communicating via WeChat is incredibly simple, and it’s just as easy for brands like yours to communicate with potential customers through the platform. Similar to Facebook, if a customer is interested in your content, they can decide to follow your WeChat profile. They can then receive personalised and relevant content on their social feed from your brand, or you can message customers directly through the messenger platform and send them personalised and tailored promotions. Finally, the customer can choose to purchase from your brand within the appwith all of the purchase and shipping information sent via the app.  


WeChat not only collects customer interests and demographic information (which is the case for Facebook) but also shopping habits and purchase data. WeChat is constantly shrinking the gap between what is on and offline, meaning their advertising algorithms incredibly accurate and can be tailored to what your customers are looking for. 

Advertising Has Never Been Easier

WeChat is constantly evolving, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. Business accounts utilise so many ways to engage with their audience via WeChat, and it’s becoming increasingly important to add WeChat to your social media marketing campaigns. Here at Star China Advertising, we understand the huge responsibility that this can be to take on and maintain, so leave it to us – a professional WeChat agency, to get your WeChat campaign up and running, and eventually, thriving.  

If you would like more information about WeChat advertising campaigns and what they can do for your business, get in touch with us today! 

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