Weibo Marketing
Weibo is Still Important
Although there are over 750 million active users on WeChat, Weibo has a very important role play for brands. Weibo still serves a critical function as the platform that Chinese people turn to when events and news break. Weibo is more like a “media” and WeChat is more “social”.
What We Do
Weibo Corporate Account Registration
Register Weibo corporate account using overseas identity.
Weibo Account Management
Services range from daily account management to sponsored ads campaign.
Weibo Sponsored Advertising
Whether you are preparing for the seasonal promotion campaign or new product launch, we are here for you.
Weibo Influencer Campaign
Speak to our consultant and find the right influencer
About Weibo
About Weibo
How Does It Work
Weibo provides brands with the sponsored advertising platform, on which advertisers can promote their Weibo page or website to selected user segments. We will help you to develop the most effective strategy and deliver your creative to the right people by targeting their ages, genders, interests and locations.
Start an Effective Weibo Marketing Campaign
Many international companies have been successful implementing Weibo marketing campaigns for Chinese-speaking audiences. At Star China, we help Australian brands setup, manage and advertise Weibo accounts. With our hands-on skills and experience for Weibo marketing, we will help you to build up follower base quickly and turn them into sales.
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