Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing With the right ad creative and landing page information,

Search Engine Marketing

With the right ad creative and landing page information, we can easily turn clicks into revenue.


Reach your potential customers at the right time.

Choosing the right keywords and creating the right ad creatives mean that you can easily get attention of your potential customers.

Their purchase journey might be just one click away.

Be sure to seize the opportunity.

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Chinese Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing for the funnel.

  • We iterate, test and learn.
  • We research new keywords and update ad creatives on a regular basis to make sure the account is optimised.
  • We will also provide optimisation advice on the landing page content.


SEM that leads to revenue

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Search engine marketing is still one of the key digital marketing options in China market. Top 3 search engines in China are Baidu, 360 and Sougou.

What is Baidu?

Baidu, the Chinese version of Google, is a powerhouse in the world of advertising. According to Forbes, Baidu accounted for 62% of online search ads and 75% of mobile search ads as recently as January 2017. Baidu is a Chinese-based internet search engine. Baidu has over 1 billion monthly active users, making it the largest Chinese-based internet search engine in the world. It was founded by Robin Li in 2000 and is currently headquartered in Beijing. Baidu has created a digital map of China in which advertisers are able to target their ads to specific locations and demographics. In addition to online search ads, Baidu also offers online display ads, video advertisements, interactive games, social media promotions, mobile apps with in-app purchases and more. By analysing and aggregating user data, Baidu has created a map that provides insights into the demographic breakdown of China. The map is segmented into five groups: urban, rural, young people under 30, middle-aged people and seniors over 65 years old. The digital map of China specifically targets advertisers with ads tailored to specific regions or demographics in an effort to maximize revenue and reach their target audience.

Baidu Paid Ads

Baidu ad system is very similar to Google. The main difference is it’s in Chinese. You can target to user’s city wise. However, if you are targeting overseas Chinese, you can only select Japan and rest of the world.

One of the key ad format is Baidu SEM(i.e. Baidu PPC) You bid on certain keywords and when users search on Baidu, your website rankings will be in the first few search results. Chinese consumers are still searching brands’ information on Baidu. Therefore, this makes it a priority channel to advertise in China. Ads will be charged based on pay per click. You can set your bidding price for different keywords in the system.

In terms of tracking settings, it’s still not as optimized as Google system. But give it some time, you will see results in branding and sales performance.

Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO has become increasingly important in recent years, and as such an understanding of its principles can help anyone who is interested in succeeding on the web. Baidu is a Chinese search engine, and so its SEO techniques are based in China, but it is important to note that their techniques have been adopted by western search engines. Baidu has a human-based system of ranking results, which means that the quality of the site’s content determines how well it will rank. In return for providing good content, users will be ranked higher on Baidu than on other engines. Star China has a team of professional copywriters and can create content for your brand that is SEO friendly. Your brand needs a voice that’s consistent and engaging. We can help make your content strategy easy with copywriting services for businesses. Also, we work with a wide range of online media channels to publish the content on the right channels. These contents will be presented in front of the audience at the right time.

Star China is consisted of a group passionate Chinese marketing guru. We are on a mission to connect Australia Business with the right media channels and bring more Chinese customers for Australian businesses. Our goal is to be your trusted partner for China market journey. We are the marketing agency that gets the job done. Not just staying on the strategy level.

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