WeChat Advertising Campaign
Why Advertise on WeChat?
With 1.4 billion population in China and 1.2 million Chinese in Australia, WeChat advertising is becoming an essential part of brands advertising strategy.

China’s economy expanded by 6.9 per cent in 2015. While the growth of China’s consumer goods imports slowed down in 2014, the average annual growth between 2010 and 2014 was still as high as 24.7 per cent. Retailers continue to view this market as having significant positive potential and the government plans to further boost domestic consumption and double household income by 2020. (Sources: Euromonitor International | Inside Retail Asia)

WeChat Advertising Campaign 4 steps
At Star China, we provide one stop WeChat advertising solution. Our experienced WeChat advertising consultant understands the China market and Chinese communities. They will advise you with our customised WeChat advertising solution for your brand to engage with Chinese communities. All dedicated team will guide you through each stage of the process. WeChat advertising campaign is suitable for Seasonal Promotion, New Product Launch, and Brand Anniversary Promotion.
WeChat Advertising - Campaign Strategy Planning
Be clear of the campaign goal performance. Setting the budget for the campaign. Select the KOL for the campaign.
WeChat Advertising - Campaign Content Creation
Book with KOL and develop copywriting and graphic assets for the campaign.
Campaign Live & Customer Engagement
WeChat campaign content approved by you and campaign goes live based on the schedule. During the campaign process, we will post content and engage with customers.
WeChat Advertising Campaign Report
We will prepare the campaign performance report for you and optimisation recommendations for next campaign.
Our Works
Our Works
WeChat advertising campaign is designed to promote the pop up store of Bread & Beast at HWK centre in Melbourne.

Wave 1:
The announcement & Seeding stage.
We are targeting a broader customers to let them know that Bread & Beast is here. Setting the time at late of February is because that’s the time when International students are coming back. But when they first come back, they might be very busy with enrolment, or selecting courses.
Wave 2:
The accurate targeting stage. We are introducing our main menu, how we cook them, the selling points to attract them to the Bread & Beast pop-up store.
Wave 3:The harvesting stage.
After the first 2 rounds seeding, now students have settled from the busy pre-semester preparation situation. The time is just right for them to go to the pop up store.

Campaign Performance: Same day different week comparison. Sales increase 200%.

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