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For Australian businesses, advertising is a huge part of gaining leads and potential buyers. What many businesses don’t know is that there is a huge group of people that are left untapped by Australian advertising channels. The way to target this group is through Chinese advertising. There is a huge amount of benefits that businesses can gain by advertising in Chinese media channels, and this blog aims to uncover a few.

Tap into a New Market

China has a population of 1.4 billion people, and none of them has access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat like the rest of the world does. Instead, their most popular social media platforms are WeChat and Weibo. These platforms are huge advertising channels geared directly towards their predominantly Chinese users. Therefore, your business can tap into an entire 7th of the population of the world, merely by utilising these channels.

For Australian businesses, it is important to remember that there is a huge population of Chinese people in Australia – 1.2 million people to be exact. Most of these people will also be using Chinese social media platforms because that’s how they keep in touch with their friends and family from the other side of the world.

Spark Conversations with Customers

Chinese media channels are much more advanced technologically than western ones, especially when it comes to communication. If a business has the power to be directly on the social media timelines or in the inboxes of customers, they will be ahead of the game when it comes to lead generation.

For example, QR codes – those square barcodes you have probably seen around – are thriving throughout Chinese media. They are being used as a means of connecting people with businesses, and even as a payment method. Users can scan the QR code to receive an advert or message directly to their inbox, or follow brands so that they appear in their social feeds. This takes advertising to the next level, as users can see an advert and immediately scan the QR code – turning the observation of the ad into a direct lead.

Target the Right People

Chinese social media channels such as Wechat and Weibo have extensive targeting algorithms, similar to western platforms. This means they have the ability to send your ads directly to the people that are going to engage with them. You can target people not only by their demographic information, but also by their interests, online behaviours and market segment. WeChat even has location-based marketing features which can detect user location so that brands can target customers nearby.

Physical advertising channels in China can do wonders to gain your brand a presence overseas, that it may not have had before. Brand presence puts your brand out there on a visual scale, and this gains a whole new market of foot traffic. We already know that Chinese people utilise physical advertising through QR codes, so this is a huge benefit for your business.

Celebrity & KOL Endorsements

Chinese media channels allow you to partner with a ‘Key Opinion Leader’ (KOL) to help you get your brands message across to their followers – similar to an Instagram influencer or social media personality. Through an agency, you have the ability to partner with a huge range of Chinese celebrities and influencers to endorse your brand.

Chinese celebrity endorsement is incredibly effective among Chinese consumers, and using Chinese media gives brands the opportunities to partner with celebrities that the Chinese market is actually going to engage with. They couldn’t care less if Bindi Irwin was trying to sell them some skincare, but if someone like Becky Li – who is famous for helping to sell 100 mini coopers in under 5 minutes – can be seen with your product on their screens, it is going to gain a lot of attention.

Advertise in China with Us Today

There are many, incredibly useful things to gain from Chinese advertising for your Australian business. If you would like some help tapping into this uncharted market, talk to us at Star China today. Contact info: 1300 228 525 info@starchina.com.au

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