Who We Are
Star China is an Advertising Agency specialised on Chinese media channels, offering end-to-end solutions to effectively reach Chinese speaking audiences in both Australia and China.

There are currently 1 million-plus Chinese people living in Australia, and 1.39 billion people living in mainland China. With comprehensive advertising strategy, we believe there are great potential opportunities for Australia business to grow Chinese customers base.

The key reasons why Australian businesses are not currently engaging with Chinese audiences include:
Star China is on a mission to connect Australia Business with the right media channels and bring more Chinese customers for Australian businesses. Our goal is to assist bridge the divide across all of these key issues.

Language and cultural gap
Unknowing about Chinese digital platforms and tactics
Not understand Chinese consumer behaviour
Quality and Reliable
Star China is proud to be official partner of many big Chinese media groups. This partnership allows Star China to connect Australian companies to a wide array of advertising platforms, to reach Chinese consumers in Australia and China.
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