WeChat Marketing
Why WeChat Marketing?
WeChat Marketing is becoming a must have item in the marketing plan.
- WeChat is Chinese leading social media platform.
- Over 963 million active users on WeChat.
- Over 1 million active users on WeChat in Australia
- Sales generated by WeChat in 2016 is AUD $34.85 billion
- WeChat is a combination of What’s app, Instagram, Apple pay and Ebay.
What We Do for WeChat Marketing
When talk about WeChat marketing, there are quite a few marketing opportunities that we can explore on WeChat.
WeChat Official Account Registration
Before start WeChat marketing, some brands might want to build up a profile on WeChat. This step is WeChat official account registration. We provide WeChat official account (business account)registration services with full ownership.
Attracting New Customers via WeChat marketing
We provide WeChat marketing campaign strategy planning, copywriting, and creative design services. Campaign can increase brand awareness and help brand attract new customers.
Remarketing to your customers via WeChat
WeChat official account management, content strategy and content creation.
Chinese Content Creation on WeChat
Content Translation | Advertorial Copywriting | Graphic Design | Article Layout design
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What’s WeChat Marketing?

WeChat is a messaging app that has over 1 billion monthly active users. It is used for social networking, shopping, gaming, and payments. WeChat Marketing is the process of using WeChat to promote a product or service. WeChat marketing is one of the latest trends in the age of social media. Marketing on WeChat can be very challenging and overwhelming. It’s not just about setting up an account and post content. Also, there are millions of influencers accounts on WeChat. There is no standard answer regarding to which one is the best account to work with. Every brand is facing a different situation. Therefore, we need to work out WeChat marketing strategy first before we carry out any marketing ads on WeChat.

WeChat marketing strategy

Brands can set up official account on WeChat. Posting content is easy. But how to build up followers is a hard question for all brands. There are two types of WeChat accounts. Service account and subscription account. Subscription account allows you to post as much as you want. However, if you are an overseas business entity, you can only register a service account. For a service account, you can post up to 4 times a month.

WeChat marketing strategy shall be focusing on how to build up account followers and how to convert followers to sales.

Always make sure you are clear who are your target audience. All marketing activities shall be carried out in ways of communicating with your target audience. Title, briefs, cover image et.al. shall be carefully drafted to make sure the content is optimized.

How to build up followers on WeChat?

There are many types of WeChat ads in China. And you can allocate budget and decide which format to run your WeChat ads. You can also set the campaign on and off date and time. WeChat moment advertising and banner advertising is currently not available in Australia. Therefore, the only option we have here is to advertise through KOL accounts.

Advertising with KOL accounts is a good way to increase exposure of brand official account and bring new followers to the account. Another way is through content seeding. Generating really good quality content can encourage users to share your post among their networks and can help increase exposure and bring followers to the account. Shareworthy content should be informative and interesting, not too long. The content should also not be repetitive as it can bore people and make your post less shareable. If a specific article or blog post is really good, you might consider using it as the base of your campaign to increase the impact of your campaign. The quality content can communicate with audience and deliver the right message to WeChat users.

QR code is like your WeChat account ID card. Each account has a unique QR code. Therefore, always remember to print QR code on your marketing materials. This can help users find you and connect with you on WeChat. It’s a great organic way to build up followers on WeChat as well.

How to sell on WeChat?

You can set up WeChat stores on WeChat, and WeChat users can finish the purchasing process in WeChat ecosystem. Mini-app on WeChat is now very popular in China. It can be considered as a ecommerce platform for brand to connect with Chinese consumers. There are third party payment service provider on WeChat which can help settle RMB(Chinese currencies) into your Australia business bank account. You can share your mini-program code across all social media platforms. Users can simply scan the code and visit your mini-program store.