WeChat Marketing
Why WeChat Marketing?
WeChat Marketing is becoming a must have item in the marketing plan.
- WeChat is Chinese leading social media platform.
- Over 963 million active users on WeChat.
- Over 1 million active users on WeChat in Australia
- Sales generated by WeChat in 2016 is AUD $34.85 billion
- WeChat is a combination of What’s app, Instagram, Apple pay and Ebay.

What We Do for WeChat Marketing
When talk about WeChat marketing, there are quite a few marketing opportunities that we can explore on WeChat.
WeChat Official Account Registration
Before start WeChat marketing, some brands might want to build up a profile on WeChat. This step is WeChat official account registration. We provide WeChat official account (business account)registration services with full ownership.
Attracting New Customers via WeChat marketing
We provide WeChat marketing campaign strategy planning, copywriting, and creative design services. Campaign can increase brand awareness and help brand attract new customers.
Remarketing to your customers via WeChat
WeChat official account management, content strategy and content creation.
Chinese Content Creation on WeChat
Content Translation | Advertorial Copywriting | Graphic Design | Article Layout design
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