RED ( XiaoHongShu) Marketing

Over 30 million registered users on the platform. 77% users are female 56% users

Over 30 million registered users on the platform.

77% users are female

56% users are in tier 1 and tier 2 cities

72% users born after 1990

90% users use the platform to search for brands and products information.

RED ( Xiaohongshu) is a content seeding platform. Users on RED are trying to search brands information, product reviews, share lifestyle content There are millions of influencers on RED and who are loving share their life, styling advices, creative ideas, cookings, Users can easily spend hours browsing posts and can’t get tired of it. Below is a screenshot of the feeds. Videos and Photos are both very popular. Many brands are already on RED to engage with Chinese consumers.

RED ( XiaoHongShu) Interfaces. Many influencers are sharing lifetyle content on the platform.
RED ( XiaoHongShu) Interface

What do users do on RED(Xiaohongshu)?

  • Search new brands and products
  • Discover good products and brands.
  • Create new styles
  • Share lifestyle content

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What we can do for you?

  • RED Professional Account Registration
  • RED Professional Account Management
  • Paid Ads Optimisation
  • Influencer Marketing on RED(Xiaohongshu)
  • Content Creation on RED
  • User engagement
  • Customer Service
  • RED E-commerce Store Management

Introduction: What is Xiaohongshu?

Xiaohongshu, also known as “Little Red Book” or “RED,” is one of the largest and fastest-growing social ecommerce apps in China. Xiaohongshu describes itself as “a sharing platform for young people’s lifestyles through deep-rooted UGC (user-generated content) shopping sharing community. The platform is designed to help users discover and purchase products, share recommendations, and provide helpful tips.”

Users often visit Xiaohongshu to find in-depth reviews and tutorials created by other users.

Think of Xiaohongshu as a combination of Instagram and Pinterest. Just like on both platforms, you can save posts you like, interact with content and other users, create your own content, connect with brand pages etc. But with Xiaohongshu, you get the bonus of in-app purchasing, a stronger sense of community, and more lengthy, detailed blog-post-type content.

What are the Benefits of Using XiaohongShu for Marketing?

Red book is a Chinese social media platform that is mostly used by people who want to connect with others with similar interests. It offers many features, such as chat rooms, groups, content sharing and more. Brand accounts can register as official accounts on Red book and share content in order to increase brand awareness in the Chinese market. Marketing on this platform can really lead traffic to physical stores and online sales!

If you want to sell products to Chinese consumers, Xiaohongshu is definitely a must-go option. User-generated content on Xiaohongshu is really popular. When a new product is launched on Xiaohongshu, users can share it with their friends and vote for their favorites. This voting process has contributed to the success of some products on Xiaohongshu. Working with influencers on RED is very popular. RED is an app that has influencers share reviews, vlogs, OOTDs and more. RED provides a platform for these influencers to have their voice heard and make money off of their content. If you carefully select the influencers that fit the brand image, the ROI can be really promising. Also, RED has an official platform that shows influencers’ main user engagement data. This offers great insights for brands about the influencer’s historical performance.

How to Create a Successful Ad Campaign on XiaohongShou?

Xiaohongshou is a popular online platform in China. It is a social media site that allows users to post content and interact with others.

It has been the first choice for companies who want to promote their products and services because it has over 200 million monthly active users.

You can post organic content or run sponsored ads on RED. Also, you can work with influencers through RED official platform. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that you have paid influencers but they are not delivering the content as promised.

The success of an ad campaign on Xiaohongshou depends on how well you know the platform and how well you can target your audience on it. Xiaohongshou allows you to search for people with certain qualities, such as age, location, interests, and gender. To run an ad campaign on Xiaohongshou successfully, it is important that the advertisers have a clear idea of what they want to advertise and what audience they will be reaching out to. Working with influencers and boosting your content not only is a great way to get the content out there but it also increases performance.  If we carefully schedule the pace of the campaign, the performance can be a surprise. Leave this with us. From strategy to day-to-day account management, our team will work closely with your local marketing team to deliver the results. Choose Star China, your marketing budget is in safe hands.